• Author: rexnipper
  • Created: September 14, 2019
Route type: Mixed Jeep and Singletrack
Difficulty grade: Black

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 4.79 miles
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 1 mph
  • Min altitude 0 ft
  • Peak 0 ft
  • Climb 3,104 ft
  • Descent 3,150 ft

Ute Indian Trail to Barr Trail

This is yet another option for hiking or riding the Ute Indian Trail. As a hike, it can be done either clockwise, or counter clockwise. As a bike ride, it should be done clockwise. Going the other direction will only mean pushing your bike for four hours.

Getting There

  • Go to Manitou Springs and head up Ruxton toward the Cog Railway.
  • Find a place to park nearest Hydro. This is a road that T's off of Ruxton away from the old Melodrama Theater.
  • Hike up Hydro to the trail head.-OR-
  • Drive all the way up to Barr Trail parking and hike or ride Barr Trail up.

Trail Description

This will describe the trail counter clockwise. Read this in reverse to understand what to expect from the other direction.

The trail up Hydro starts out fine until you get to your first left which is Ute Indian Trail. This trail is steep and sandy for the first mile. After that it is rolling till you get to Longs Ranch Road. Go left on the road and get ready for several miles of very steep climbing. You will pass several J pipes along the way. At the last pipe you pass you will head off the road to a cutoff which takes you to a trail leading to either Barr, or the top of the old incline railway. The track goes right to Barr, but if you want to see a great view, head left first to the old top of the incline. People hike it for training, and for fun. Don't hike down the incline. It is very dangerous. Going up it is much safer, if not harder on your lungs. Barr trail down lets you take time to view the city and the mountains. If biking this in reverse, keep in mind that you will want to have good breaks when heading down Longs Ranch Road. It is very, very steep, and there are a lot of things to run into.

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