More to Come

I’ve been trying to determine exactly what I want to do with this site. I’ve played with many ideas. I’m not a developer so some of the things I have here are dependent on tools I’ve found which enable me to create maps from my rides. I’d also like to extend that capability to my users. That’s coming as well. Really it’s just a setting on the tool I use, but have been making sure it works before I release it on the rest of you.

In addition I have a passion for camping and glamping. If you don’t know what glamping is then you’ve never owned an RV. To me, camping, which I do love, requires a lot of walking and a backpack. Anything more is just glamping. If I want to spend a week in the woods I’d much rather do it in a tent. However, I have a wife who thinks that if we were meant to sleep on the ground, we’d wouldn’t have beds, so compromises had to happen. Therefore I purchased a 40ft 5th wheel which can only be described as a Tajmahauler. In fact that’s what I named it.

This rolling apartment has two bedrooms, full kitchen/livingroom, with a couch, two recliners and all the home conveniences, including a residential microwave and refrigerator. This apartment on wheels also comes with two TVs, solar power, two air conditioners, heat, satellite, and wifi. It’s like a home away from home. The nice part is I can work from anywhere I park it as long as I have access to the southern sky, and the downside is, I can work from anywhere as long as I have access to the southern sky.

With all this it is to say I’m going to be expanding the site to go beyond just my normal muses about mountain biking. There’s a large community out there who are becoming more mobile and after four years of being an RV owner I can tell you there’s a lot that comes with it. It’s a hybrid lifestyle for those who live in them (which I do not, but I spend a great deal of time traveling). There are many important dos and don’ts that a lot of people need to know. So, I’ll do my best to provide a resource, or links to resources.

With that said, never fear, most of this will be tied into the cycling lifestyle I’ve lived for over 50 years. There’s some good places to park a camper and go for long bike rides in the mountains. Crested Butted comes to mind. There are tons of places to park a camper and be completely alone in your own world, but also places to stay that have great services as well.

Have a great day and happy riding!

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