• Author: rexnipper
  • Created: September 15, 2019
Route type: Mixed Jeep and Singletrack
Difficulty grade: Blue

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 8.32 miles
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 0 ft
  • Peak 0 ft
  • Climb 3,415 ft
  • Descent 2,762 ft

Walrod Cutoff to Crested Butte

This trail has one heck of a steep climb to start, and then traverses along the ridge down to Crested Butte.  Be prepared for climing, and awsome views!


Getting There

  • Go to Cement Creek Road in Crested Butte South.
  • Ride or drive to the Walrod Cutoff Trailhead.

Trail Description

You will start hard climbing right at the beginning.  Bring your lungs, you will need them.  You will eventually crest above some great rock outcroppings.  Start riding north toward town once you hit the tip.  The single track takes you up and down through some marsh areas, and technical sections.  Once you hit Ferris Creek, head left up the road passing the turnoff for Strand Hill.  You can also go right and out Brush Creek, or even ride Strand if you didn't get enough climbing.  Take a left once out on Brush Creek Road.  This track takes you up Upper Loop which is the first single track on your right as you crest Brush Creek Road.    Ride up the single track and follow the very technical trail until you see the turnoff for Tony's.  Ride down Tony's and head back to town.

1. 409

Altitude: 8271 ft

2. 410

Altitude: 8783 ft

3. Walrodcutoff

Altitude: 9711 ft

4. Start

Altitude: 0 ft

5. End

Altitude: 0 ft

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